Improved Treatments and Novel Approaches

Pancreatic cancer has a survival rate of just 10% so for people diagnosed with this disease, hope is a precious commodity and can feel like an elusive dream. We believe that taking on the urgent challenge of this disease requires inventive solutions.

We seek out the most novel and innovative approaches to solving the many unknowns of pancreatic cancer that keep us from achieving meaningful breakthroughs while also ensuring that the people here and now, have dignity, care, and resolution. We want more time for pancreatic cancer patients, and we want that time to be as rich and fulfilling as possible, despite the inevitable outcomes.

While we work to challenge the status quo and invest in innovative projects that will change the outcomes, we are keenly aware that 90% of people diagnosed with pancreatic cancer will die – and often in immense pain, suffering and distress. This knowledge drives our dedication to disrupting the realities around this disease today.

“There has been very little meaningful progress against this disease over the past 50 years. That’s why we work to bring the best people, partners, innovations, and novel approaches together to disrupt the traditional systems that have resulted in so little change.”

Michelle Capobianco

President & CEO, Pancreatic Cancer North America

As a patient advocacy organization, we speak on behalf of the collective community impacted by pancreatic cancer to address key issues and roadblocks to the best possible treatment and care. Accordingly, we take a stand in support of our community with high-impact alliances and campaigns that address issues like occupational cancer risk for firefighters, better access to life-saving drugs through improvements in the drug approval process and affordable access to treatment and by leading conversations about end-of-life choices.

Pancreatic Cancer North America

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Pancreatic Cancer North America is proud to work in partnership with Pancreatic Cancer Canada.